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 Today, I want to share with you my new passion/addiction. First of all, you have to know something about me: I'm this kind of person who don't follow the different trends of the moment and this in all fields. Thus, when something goes very popular and everyone is talking about it, I don't give any interest in it! Can you imagine that I haven't read any Twilight's book and I've seen the movies when the last one was released (in cinema)/was on screen. (I'm a little bit weird, but what else could I do, it's like that since I'm a child).

I think you may know if you have the same age as me, that a few years earlier, Bollywood became very famous, and almost everyone watched Indian movies and dramas. Of course you've guessed that I have avoided this trend. However, since 2 months, I have an addiction for Indian dramas, and all this begin because of my mother. 
We have Turkish channels at home on TV and one of them broadcast/transmit the Indian drama which made me addict.
I'm really picky in choosing which drama I have to watch.

 I want to talk to you about two of her series that really affected me and bring pleasure watching them. The first one is Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon (in English "What shall i name this love? ") It' is an Indian series mixed with drama and romance. Created on 6 June 2011, it is a story made of  hate and love between the two main characters.

We have this rich business man who have 28 years and whose name is Arnav Singh Raizada. He is cruel, angry young man, who believes just in himself and who think that money can buy everything.

On the other side, we have Khushi Kumari Gupta, a 22 years, young woman from a modest family. She is dynamic, full of life, and especially has an unwavering faith in God. The path of the two will be totally opposed, will cross, and will follow a story between hate/haitred and love.

 I can tell you that with this series, I went through all imaginable/conceivable emotions, because we have scenes rich in humor, in drama, in pain. Everything is very well staged (it's not a musical comedy, there is singing and dancing, but it is embedded/ included in forms of competition, representation, etc.).

  I fell in love with the actress Sanaya Irani who plays the role of Khushi in the series  (I have not fallen in love with the actor Barun Sobti aka Arnav, he is not ugly far from that but the acting of Sanaya Irani is just awesome). 

thankfully he is not angry all the time
On the original channel, the episodes last a roughly twenty minutes (I watched the series subtitled in Turkish and Hindi is quite close to the Turkish, I even begin to make sentences in Hindi XD).

 This series is very different from others like Turkish, American that I have watched since now, It's a totally different culture from what my parents gave to me and from our French society ( you know that I grew up with a double culture and no one is similar to the Indian culture). It is really nice to discover India behind computers and TV. 

In this drama, I love another character, the one of NK (interpreted by Karan Goddwani). He is Arnav's cousin, and he is a character full of life, who helps everyone, but what makes it special, is that he mix the words making his scenes more funnier.

Nand Kishore nickname NK
Akash, Nk and Arnav

love it's scenes 
As I enjoyed the actress Sanaya Irani, I wanted to discover other of her series and I came across Rangrasiya which is also a series full of drama.

  It's the story of Rudra Pratap Ranawat (played by Ashish Sharma) who is a military man affected at the border between India and Birpur. He is a brillant military, senior officer in the Indian Army. Rudra has a tough character. He is respected by everyone and is not indulgent with others, He turned angry very quickly.


 Parvati's nickname is “Paro” (played by Sanaya Irani), who is a young woman from Birpur. She is very innocent, she has a good heart, helps others and is a little bit simple/naive.


 Rudra and Parvati's way's crossed at Parvati's wedding. The wedding convoy wanted to cross the  Indian border but was attacked by the military (called BSD) because they made some weapons smuggling. The future of Rudra and Parvati will take an unexpected turn, between hatred, loyalty and love for his nation.

 This drama has literally made me cry a lot (it doesnt happened usually). It's a story full of sadness, love. You have/need to be very tough if you dnt want to be broken while watching moments full of drama. The performance of the actors/the acting is wonderful. The actor Ashish Sharma (he is a  man with many faces, from a series to an other one we have difficulties to recognizing him physically, it is impressive) is very good looking and very talented and I fell in love with  Rudra's name (it is the name of given to the god of the Rig Veda, associated with the wind, with the storm and with the medicine).

And finally to finish about my addictions, I discovered in the series Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon through Khushi the character who make's and eats all the time.

Khushi make's jalebi

An Indian dessert that is the Jalebi and is a baked pastry in oil and dipped in a syrup flavored of rose. If you have the chance to taste Indian pastries, I advise you to taste Jalebi (you can eat it with hot milk or ice).

And you 've already watched movies or Indian series ? Do you know the Jalebi or Indian food ?

                                        Kiss <3


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